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Challenging Drug Possession, Manufacturing & Distribution Charges

Have you been arrested for a drug offense? San Bernardino drug crime lawyer Dennis Kuntz may be able to help. As a criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Kuntz understands how to investigate and challenge drug charges. He knows what to look for when it comes to constitutional rights violations, unreasonable searches, mishandled evidence, and other conduct by law enforcement that may seriously damage the prosecuting attorney’s case. He and our team at the Law Office of Dennis Kuntz apply our full attention to our client’s cases to truly understand their cases and provide more effective defense counsel.

How Do You Win A Drug Case?

You need to get a San Bernardino drug crime attorney at your earliest convenience if you committed any drug crimes. Drug crime lawyers understand the court systems and the laws inside and out. To find someone guilty of a drug case, the government must prove that the supposed unlawful substance found is in reality the drug that they think it to be.

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What Affects the Severity of Drug Charges?

Drug charges may range in severity from infractions to misdemeanors to felonies. The severity of charges and penalties will vary depending on specific factors. San Bernardino criminal defense lawyer Dennis Kuntz can apply his understanding of the California Penal Code and case law as it applies to drug offenses to anticipate what severity of charges a client may face. He can work accordingly to create a defense strategy based on that charge.

The following factors may influence the severity of drug charges:

  • The type of drug. Drugs are classified into Schedules according to how addictive and dangerous the government perceives them to be. Less dangerous drugs, like marijuana, typically carry lesser penalties, while substances like heroin or cocaine carry harsh charges and penalties.
  • The amount of drug. Penalties for drug charges will vary depending on the amount of controlled substance that was discovered, measured by weight. High quantities may also lead prosecutors to assume that distribution was intended or carried out.
  • Whether the alleged crime involves personal use or sale/distribution. Drug possession is a far lesser charge than drug distribution. Law enforcement will look for evidence that may indicate sale or distribution when they move forward with a case.

How do drug cases get dismissed?

Drug cases can get dismissed. The most typical thing we see is termination because of unlawfully acquired evidence. If the police violated your fourth amendment rights to be free from unreasonable search, your criminal defense lawyer can file a motion to suppress in the court and ask that any evidence obtained as an outcome of that unlawful search get tossed out.

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