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If you have been accused of committing a felony, you are in a serious situation. It requires equally serious representation from an attorney who is qualified to protect your rights. San Bernardino criminal lawyer Dennis Kuntz is a true professional, committing his full attention and focus to each client’s case in order to provide the highest quality defense. This is extremely important in cases involving felonies, as the penalties and other consequences of a conviction are so severe.

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At the Law Office of Dennis Kuntz we represent clients across San Bernardino County who have been accused of or are under investigation for all types of felony offenses, including aggravated assault and battery, rape, repeat domestic violence, drug distribution, robbery, burglary, carjacking, and grand theft.

Devoted Felony attorney in San Bernardino, CA

In addition to imprisonment and fines, felonies carry collateral consequences:

  • You will be required to disclose a felony conviction on a job application, if asked.
  • You will be prohibited from owning a gun in California for 10 years or for life.
  • If your felony conviction qualifies as “violent” or “serious,” you will face enhanced penalties for any future felony convictions under California’s Three Strikes Law. A third felony conviction could result in life in prison without parole.

What Are the Penalties for California Felony Convictions?

Penalties and prison sentences for felonies are determined by court discretion, which is highly complicated. Crime statutes define three types of fixed sentences for most California felony offenses. There are three choices if there are no sentences defined (18(a) pc): 16 months, 2 years, or 3 years.

If convicted by plea or trial, the court holds a sentencing hearing at which the judge must choose a sentence of one of three lengths of incarceration as the base term sentence, unless a statute provides an alternative sentence, such as probation, fines, or mandatory supervision.

An aggravating circumstance, a mitigating factor, and witness statement are typically considered by the judge (1170 pc) when choosing the base term sentence. Based on the defendant's criminal record and other factors involved in the case, judges can increase the defendant's base term sentence. Except for indeterminate sentences, most felony sentences are fixed terms.

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To avoid these consequences, you need to move quickly and involve a California felony attorney. When you work with our firm, San Bernardino criminal defense attorney Dennis Kuntz and our team will do everything possible to protect your rights and liberty. Our commitment to our clients is what helps us succeed in the face of felony charges, as we go the extra mile to find even the smallest detail that can turn a case around.

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